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MBTI® Formula️


discover your personality and gain a new vision of yourself and others

What is MBTI?


The way we live, feel and interact with the elements of our environment, whether private or professional, is closely linked to our personality.

The MBTI®️ is an indicator of psychological types based on the research work of the eminent psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, and created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs.

It is an extremely powerful and interesting tool for professional and personal development. This questionnaire is today the most widely used personality tool in the world.

It is aimed at any person, team or organization, who wishes to acquire a new vision of themselves and of others.

Why take the MBTI®?

The MBTI®️ questionnaire allows you to determine your personality type and identify your strengths as well as your areas of development. Thanks to this, you have a reading grid to better understand yourself and others, to facilitate certain choices, to improve your relationships ...

Its scope covers different areas of professional and personal life. Depending on your needs and expectations, you can use the MBTI ®️ to:



Useful information :

Duration : 3 hours individually or 1/2 day in collective

- Free discovery interview: 30 min

- Taking the MBTI®️ online questionnaire : 30 min

- Exploratory interview : 2h

Documents submitted :

Presentation of a report of your psychological type 24 pages + émentaires of extra tools

professional and personal development

Prerequisite : none

Location : Realize & You

24 rue Auguste Comte - 37000 Tours

or by Skype

Audience : Any person or team wishing to get involved in their professional and personal development, change careers, improve communication, leadership, manage conflicts ...

T arif : Contact us

Would you like to know more about the MBTI®️?


Make an appointment for the first 30-minute interview offered and without obligation on your part.

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How does it work ?

The MBTI®️ has 16 types of personalities:


Depending on your personality, the MBTI®️ explores your psychological type and invites you to position yourself on four fundamental dimensions characterizing individual differences and based on your preferences:

- Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I): Where you get your energy

- Sensation (S) or Intuition (N): The type of information you prefer to collect and which you trust

- Thinking (T) or Feeling (F): The process you prefer to use to make decisions

- Judgment (J) or Perception (P): How you prefer to approach the world around you

Based on these elements, your psychological type can be defined.

How does the MBTI® take the exam?

The examination is carried out with a certified MBTI® practitioner, either individually or collectively. It can be done face to face or by Skype.

The process takes place in 3 stages:

1 - Making contact with your certified practitioner

2 - Taking the online questionnaire

3 - Interview of discovery, validation of your psychological type and deepening. During this interview, your results and analyzes are given to you.


NB: Only a certified MBTI® person is authorized to conduct this interview with you and allow you to make the most of this

amazing tool.

What is in the report?

There are different MBTI®️ reports depending on your approach.

We will define together, the one that best suits you during our first contact.


The Personal Impact Report, for example, covers eight areas of development:

- Your working style

- Your communication style

- Your style of team collaboration

- Your decision-making style

- Your leadership style

- Your conflict management style

- Your reaction to stress

- Your approach to change


Each point is developed and opens up prospects for development.

For those who want a specific "Career" report, an additional report will be offered to you, including the different professions corresponding to your validated psychological profile.


Femme d'affaires senior

Marie. 52 ans - DRH 

Améliorer la communication d'une équipe via le MBTI®

Merci pour cette session appréciée de tous, très intéressante et utile. Ce fût un moment d'échanges constructifs avec de bons outils et de bonnes bases pour avancer.

Sourire d'affaires Femme

A. 48 years old

Training Director

I was amazed by the accuracy of the tool. I even regret not having done so earlier. Thank you Raphaële for this great discovery.

Business Team

Edouard. 42 ans - Directeur général EMEA 

Améliorer la communication au sein du CODIR via le MBTI®

Thanks for this very inspiring workshop. It is great to see how the personality types can be used in daily work. Looking forward to use this concept to drive individual and team effectiveness !


M. 41 years old

Coach and Hypnotherapist

What a joy to have been able to discover my MBTI profile. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and others.

Homme d'âge mûr avec des lunettes

Boris. 48 ans - Ingénieur

Découverte de soi via le MBTI®

Bluffant !!

Il devrait être systématiquement proposé aux jeunes pour les aider dans leur orientation professionnelle.

* In accordance with our ethics, the photos of these people are not contractual.

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