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What is it about ?

Whether you are an Executive, Human Resources Director, Manager, Team or Collaborator,

you often face with difficult professional issues.


Today, a company must adapt quickly to the human and economic challenges that are presented to it, specially in our perpetual evolving environment.

It is therefore not always easy for companies and their managers to react effectively to be and remain competitive, to transmit their vision, culture and values ​​while achieving their financial goals.

The business coaching that I offer is fully adapted to your needs.

It is centered either on a individual, team or executive goal.

Le secret du bonheur, c'est l'alignement entre ce que vous pensez,

ce que vous dites et ce que vous faites .

                                                                                                 Mahatma Gandhi

Useful information :

Duration : 24 hours spread over 9 to 12 weeks depending on your availability

Public : Anyone engaged in working life who needs to take stock of their career plan

Prerequisites : Be an employee of the private sector, on CDI or CDD / or job seeker / or employee of the public sector (civil servants, non-tenured agents, etc.)

Location : Realize & You

24 rue Auguste Comte - 37000 Tours

Prices : 1500 €


Would you like to know more about the skills assessment and the approach we offer?


Make an appointment for a first interview of 30 min offered and without obligation on your part

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