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What is it about ?

Définition du coaching

Coaching is a powerful support process, focused on your motivation and the 

achieving of your the goals.

This process is based on the research of your own solutions and actions in front of a desired situation.

It allows you to obtain concrete and measurable results.

Thanks to the hindsight and the mirror effect that coaching brings you, you can achieve more effectively

and faster the goal you set.

This practice is part of a personal development process and support for change.

The coach is not an advisor. His approach is based on Socratic questioning and the empowerment of the coachee. You keep control of the content and the decisions you make.

The goal of coaching is to help you reveal your talents and achieve your personal and professionals goals in a define time.

Coaching that I offer you is adapted to your needs and your problematic whether you are a business or an individual.


It consists of a series of individual or group interviews, which take place

either face to face, or by Teams, Skype or by phone.

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"My role, as a coach, is to accompany you in this change and to allow you fully realize yourself "

Our different types of coaching


pour les entreprises

Dans la forêt


pour les particuliers

Salon rose


Les différents type de coaching
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