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Priority management training

"Go straight to the point and become a master of time"

Why take this training?

Today's society, ultra-connected and in perpetual motion, continuously transmits a large flow of information and tasks to us. Time is not extendable to date, so it can happen that we are overwhelmed with things to do to the point of not knowing where to start.

This training is intended for anyone who runs after time, who gets stressed by seeing his "to do list" fill up more than it becomes unfulfilled and who wishes to take control of his agenda by prioritizing things that are really important for her.


Thanks to this training, you will be able to acquire the various techniques of priority management in order to give the first to the most essential tasks and thus approach your days with more efficiency and serenity.

Its scope covers different areas of professional and personal life. Depending on your needs and expectations, you can use this training to:



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Useful information :

Duration : 2 days (14h)

- Taking a test before the training via email

- 2 days of face-to-face training

Documents submitted :

Delivery of the test result

+ training documents

+ certificate of training

Prerequisites :

Have a real desire for involvement in training to learn to manage your priorities.

Public : Anyone   wishing to optimize its time management .

Next dates :

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Location : Realize & You

24 rue Auguste Comte - 37000 Tours

Rates :

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Do you want to register for this training?

Contact us for availability and next dates.

What are the educational objectives

of this training?

Following this training you will know how to use the techniques necessary to

get to the point and manage your priorities, and in particular:

  • Understand your behavioral mechanisms facing the different tasks you have to perform.

  • Know how to identify, classify and plan your real priorities.

  • Implement time management techniques to effectively organize your agenda.

  • Make wise choices when faced with less important and / or time-consuming tasks to free up your time.

  • Adapt your agenda to your biorhythm.

  • Be efficient in your communication.

  • Increase efficiency and well-being at work.


What is the content ?


Before the training, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out, which will allow you to define your relationship to time.

During the 2 days of face-to-face training, different areas will be addressed. You will learn to:

- Identify your relationship to time and its impact on you and your environment

- Perceive and manage time-consuming personal and environmental elements

- Prioritize and categorize your tasks according to their importance and urgency

- Know the different organization and planning techniques and make them your own

- Understand your biorhythm and adapt your agenda accordingly

- Learn to delegate

- Be able to postpone a task and give up others

- Act and communicate effectively both orally and in writing

- Know how to say "no"

- Improve the management of your mailbox

- Master the allotted time for social media

- Optimize your meetings

Each item is animated by concrete exercises, role plays and scenarios from your own experience in order to optimize your learning.

What teaching method is used?

  • Exchange and sharing of experience between participants

  • Theoretical and methodological contributions on the subject of training

  • Practical exercises, role plays and concrete situations

  • Self-diagnosis on the theme of training via a test: "What is your relationship to time?"

  • Written training support given on the 1st day of training

  • Group of 8 people maximum

What monitoring means are in place?

  • 1 group sharing session of 1h30 with the participants of the group is offered 2 weeks post-training with theoretical and practical reminders according to the request.

  • Possibility of carrying out individual and personalized coaching sessions on the theme of training with your coach-trainer. (Optional)



What are the strengths of this training?

  • The training takes place in a small group in order to optimize your knowledge acquisition

  • The multiple role plays and scenarios allow you to increase your memorization through the experience

  • Sharing, listening and discussion sessions on issues encountered by each participant will help you progress and progress quickly

  • The 1h30 follow-up session with the group + the possibility of carrying out coaching sessions with your coach-trainer will allow you to anchor your knowledge

  • At the end of the training, a certificate stating the objectives, the nature, the duration of the action and the results of the evaluation of the learning outcomes of the training, will be given to you.

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