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Work life balance Coaching
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Are you tired of running around, do you feel like you're on the verge of burnout or breaking up ?

You would like :

  • Find your right life balance

  • Find more serenity on a daily basis

  • Free up time to relax and recharge your batteries

  • Learn to let go

  • Reduce your "to do list"

  • Knowing how to organize yourself effectively and manage priorities

  • Lighten your mental load

  • Take back control of your life and your agenda ...

The coaching that I provide can help you !

Why use my services ?

The "Work Life Balance Coaching" that I offer is a unique program , specially designed for people who want, like you, to find the right balance between their professional and personal life.

You will be able, thanks to him:

  • Identify your real priorities and the means at your disposal to find your right balance

  • Take the necessary distance to analyze the situation and implement the expected changes

  • Put yourself in positive and energizing energy to achieve your goal

  • Improve your well-being in a holistic way by reducing your mental load

  • Bring you a better knowledge of yourself.


In addition, you are guaranteed to call on a professional coach certified RNCP ( state diploma), recognized at ACC level by the International Coach Federation.


You benefit from my 12 years of expertise as a Coach in   companies and having a strong experience in team management and life balance.

You have the assurance of up-to- date coaching using powerful tools, tests and method es constantly re-evaluated thanks to the supervision and continuous training in which I participate, as well as the guarantee of quality coaching respecting the code of ethics and the ICF ethics charter .

You benefit from my skills as an experienced coach with more than 2000 hours of coaching to date.


My mission: To help you achieve your right balance, by offering you

effective, motivating coaching that suits you.

What does this program contain ?

The "Work Life Balance Coaching" program contains:


  • 6 individual coaching sessions


  • 1 diagnosis of your mental load and your priorities

  • Developing the right balance between your professional and personal life

  • The passing of 2 tests that will allow you to learn more about yourself, your priorities and to have avenues of reflection to find your right balance

  • Debriefing / exploration of 2 tests specifically focused on solving your problem

  • Exercises, scenarios and reflection tools, adapted to your situation during and between sessions

  • The development of a detailed action plan

  • The possibility of reaching as many times as you wish, your coach by phone, as soon as you feel the need during the opening hours of the practice

  • The assurance of a significant improvement in your life balance


Each people being different, the duration of the "Work Life Balance Coaching" program may be less than 6 sessions depending on your degree of advancement and your level of motivation. During our first interview, we will together validate the ideal duration corresponding exactly to your needs.

How are the sessions conducted ?





Coaching sessions last 1 hour. They are carried out either face to face in our offices in Tours, or by Skype, Zoom or by phone. The sessions are ideally scheduled every 2 weeks according to your availability and the urgency of your situation, but can be more or less spaced if necessary.


How much does it cost ?



Program "Work Life Balance Coaching"  ...............   On request


Femme d'âge mûr aux cheveux courts

Care team manager

S. 45 years old

In my work, the pressure is constant. By dint of wanting to do everything well on my own, I got exhausted and I was close to burnout.

This coaching allowed me to take the necessary distance to regain my life balance, while preserving my efficiency at work. Everything then appeared so simple and obvious to me.


Homme d'affaire

Business Intelligence Director

R. 39 years old

With Raphaële, I realized that with good coaching, one manages to stand back to find its own resources / solutions to advance.

I particularly appreciated:

- its flexibility in the schedules with an adapted format (remote: skype, duration: 1h) and adaptable (frequency: weekly or semi-weekly according to the needs and constraints of each one).

- the quality of the exchanges during the sessions and between the sessions.

- openness, "no judgment" pro actual experience of the coach (who knows what we are talking, knows the problems encountered by the ground coached).

I am very satisfied and the contribution has been enormous for me.

* In accordance with our ethics, the photos of these people are not contractual.

Do you also want to find your right balance?

Make an appointment for a first interview and start now to set off towards your success!

"Together, let's find the keys to your life balance  !"

Gift card

You can also offer to those who are dear to you, or be offered, this coaching program .

On request, a gift card will be sent to you

and will make everyone happy.


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