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Coaching workshops

You want to solve a problem that is close to your heart

but you can't do it on your own, or would you like to do it as a team?

The coaching workshops that I offer are made for you!

What is it exactly?


Coaching workshops last 3h30 and focus on a specific issue, which can only be resolved by confronting others, such as: self-confidence, public speaking or team cohesion, etc. ...

Although some concepts on the above-mentioned themes are discussed, these workshops are not like training. The emphasis is on experimentation through concrete and practical coaching exercises that will allow you to become aware of your brakes and thus overcome them, while being supervised by a certified professional coach.

Because we are always stronger together,

these collective coaching workshops aim to help you finally make things happen, to reveal your full potential and allow you to start with serenity and fun, the change you want.


Thanks to the power of the coaching exercises you will do

and the invaluable contribution of a group of benevolent people sharing the same problem as you, you will move forward towards achieving your personal and / or professional goal with confidence.

faire travailler ensemble

How will you benefit from it?

Canva - Multi- Cultural People copie.jpg

Selon la thématique que vous choisirez, vous pourrez, grâce à ces ateliers :


  • Free yourself from the gaze of others in a warm atmosphere

  • Acquire a benevolent view of yourself

  • Clarify and reveal your fears and your needs in a secure environment

  • Strengthen your social ties or create new ones

  • Adopt an assertive communication in respect for self and others

  • To enrich you and enrich the group thanks to the experience of each one

  • Strengthen your self-confidence as well as mutual trust with the group

  • Move forward, grow ...

What will you leave with?

At the end of the workshop, you will leave with your personalized action plan and support for additional concrete coaching exercises that will allow you to continue to experience your awareness at home and at your own pace.

You will leave inspired, confident and motivated to continue your journey towards success.

So ? .... If you are naturally curious, if you like to take up challenges and are ready to step out of your comfort zone , you are welcome to attend these workshops!

Useful information :

Duration of workshops : 3h30

Documents provided : Coaching support related to the theme of the workshop followed + personalized action plan

Next date :

Saturday August 29 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / Theme: Self-confidence

Location : Realize & You

24 rue Auguste Comte - 37000 Tours

Target audience : Anyone, group of friends or team who want to learn more about themselves and others

Prerequisite : None

Number of participants : 6 people maximum

Rates :

Contact us (several themes possible)

Do you want to register for the next workshop?

Contact us to know the availability of the session that is important to you

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